Whether you're a beginner to the mat or the hammock or an experienced yogi, our instructors are trained to bring you the best yoga practice at your level.

We will always be there to provide a safe, caring environment giving you the confidence and support to experience your yoga in a whole new way.

Our Studio located in South Cape Market Place shopping plaza is a comfortable, over 1200 sq ft space dedicated to bringing a complete yoga practice to everyone of all levels including mat classes, aerial yoga, special classes, retreats, trainings, and more.

Easy access, plentiful parking, and a clean, safe, well lit street make it a perfect location for a yoga studio.

Inside will welcome you with warm colors, comfortable waiting area, beautiful (and joint friendly) floors and many other features you will surely fall heels over head in love with :)

Come take a tour and feel right at home! Spring water, mats, blankets, cushions, blocks, straps, towels all available for you at the studio and included in the cost of the class.

Our teachers are the most friendly and welcoming people you will ever meet. Their easy going attitude and pragmatic approach to yoga practice will make both brand new and seasoned practitioners feel right at home.



Online SCHEDULE and reservation system available:

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* if you have a "Lime Light Deal" or "Cape Cod Daily Deal" voucher please register online as "unpaid" and bring your voucher in to class.


*Please note there are periodic schedule changes.
Check for updates and changes frequently. Please email us if none of the times/dates work for you.
We welcome your suggestions, requests, comments and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Drop-in rate:
*Mat Classes-$16
*Aerial Classes-$20

*Mat & Aerial Class Passes:
            6 Class Pass - $85
            10 Class Pass - $130
            20 Class Pass - $240
            5 MYP Class Pass - $75

*60 Minute Private Sessions:
            1 on 1 Private - $60
            Private for 2 - $80 Great for Couples!
            3 -10 person - $40 Private Room Rental + $20 per person

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Aerial Yoga Etiquette Policy
Due to the maximum class size of ten students per aerial class & to be fair to our teachers & students: we require a 24 hour notice of cancellation. This will allow us the time to reach out to the students on the wait list so they may have the opportunity to attend. All cancellations not meeting this 24 hour notice, forfeits your class visit. REFUNDS: In cases of illness or emergency circumstance, refunds for unused, non-expired classes may be granted. Please submit your request in writing.

We are shooting for fun, relaxing, easy-going, and uncomplicated. Please read the class description and find what suits you best.
Try one or all and decide for yourself.
Meet us where you are and make it your own practice - you decide what it should be, but if you need us, we will be right there for you.

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Practice your yoga with a support of a silky hammock. Let the hammock guide you into your poses or take you into deeper stretch.


Whether you are a brand new yoga practitioner or a seasoned yogini, aerial yoga is an experience on its own. Unbelievable, one of a kind practice taking over the yoga world by storm. Cape Cod's first and only.


Reserve your spot and arrive at least 10 minutes early for this class.
Warning: once you start flying, you might never want to get back on the mat:)



Introduction to Aerial Yoga


Introduction to aerial yoga. No yoga or aerial arts experience necessary.


Participants are introduced to the ways to get into and out of the fabric, to ways the fabric can assist in basic stretches, and a couple of basic aerial yoga poses are introduced.


The class culminates in the basic inversion in the hammock to those who want to participate. Each class ends in "cocooning" - participants rest their whole body in the silky hammock and are lead through savasana/ relaxation while gently swaying in the air.


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Intermediate Aerial Yoga


This class is for those who participated in at least 3 intro level classes and are comfortable with the fabric enough to start doing some more complicated yoga poses with the use of the hammock. Some more inversions and "tricks" are introduced here as you progress in your aerial yoga practice..


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Restorative Aerial Yoga


Hammock is set low to the ground. No inversions, flips or tricks.


You will be guided into a hammock-assisted-pose and stay in it for 1-3 minutes before slowly transitioning into the next pose. Breathing and relaxation techniques will be provided, the music is quiet and gentle. You will leave relaxed, calm and your muscles and joints will feel regenerated and stretched.


It is a very gentle practice appropriate for every level of ability and any age. As long as you can get yourself down to the mat, you can do restorative aerial yoga. No yoga or aerial art knowledge is necessary.


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Aerial Yoga Flips and Tricks


More advanced Aerial Yoga practice where we explore some of the most fun and more challenging poses.


This class is meant to unleash your inner child - probably the one that used to swing on the monkey bars and climb trees. Bring some yoga, aerial yoga, aerial dance, gymnastics, or acrobatics experience with you. We will warm up quickly and get right to it!


You will be sure to have a big grin on your face during the hammock Savasana at the end.


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Aerial Vinyasa


Intermittent level aerial yoga flow. Some yoga and aerial yoga experience is needed here (we recommend you taking at least one of "Intro to Aerial Yoga" class and a minimum of one "Intro to Aerial Vinyasa" class first to be able to truly benefit from and enjoy this class).


Aerial Yoga poses are sequenced into a graceful flow that starts with a slow simple sequence that builds up creating heat and increasing strength and flexibility.


We will be flying, we will be flipping, we will have a blast :) Class ends with "cocooning" Shavasana.


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"Exercise in disguise"! Easy to follow dance routine to international rhythms. It's not an exercise really - it's a party!!!
Come dance your inches off! Beginners welcome! One of the best Zumba instructors on the Cape will make you regret you ever tried Zumba elsewhere!
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High energy Vinyasa flow to the beat of your favorite hits. Loud music, warm temperature, and simple instruction make you forget about the whole world. It's just you, your mat, your music and your yoga.


If you have never experienced it before, you have to try it - you will be completely hooked! No more clubbing on Saturday nights - it's "Beauty and the Beat" time.


Hip-hop-style Vinyasa + glow-in-the-dark colors + black lights + best beats = the best yoga experience ever!!! Wear your whites or neons and join us for a yoga practice sequenced to louder music with minimal instruction. If you have never tried it, you are in for a real treat! Can you illuminate our practice room?
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Feeling stressed, tired, or just out of energy? Come increase your flexibility and strength while opening new channels of energy. This class will be kind to the soul and rejuvenate the body.


Class is for beginners who have never been on a mat or for the everyday yogi.


Leave feeling blissful, relaxed, and renewed, !
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In this class you will learn the fundamental moves of hoop dancing that will allow you to build a solid foundation for the art form. We will practice beautiful tricks such as isolations, tosses, body rolls, hand spins, sustained spinning, and much more while listening to a fun and upbeat playlist.
During this hour long class, you’ll be toning your arms, legs, bootys, shoulders, back, and hips, as well as increasing balance and getting a cardio work out! Hoops will be provided.




This interactive Hoop Yoga Fusion class will focus on the flow, playfulness, and meditative aspects of both hoop dance and Vinyasa Yoga.
We will blend together basic “on and off body” hoop dance techniques with traditional yoga asanas and breath work to create an energetic moving meditation. Hoops and mats will be provided but feel free to bring your own!
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The health benefits of yoga

The potential health benefits of yoga include:
Stress reduction. A number of studies have shown that yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety. It can also enhance your mood and overall sense of well-being.
Improved fitness. Practicing yoga can lead to improved balance, flexibility, range of motion and strength. And this means you're less likely to injure yourself in other physical endeavors or in your daily activities.
Management of chronic conditions. Yoga can help reduce risk factors for chronic diseases, such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Yoga might also help alleviate chronic conditions, such as depression, pain, anxiety and insomnia.

Beginning Your Practice

Whether you're a beginner to the mat or the hammock or an experienced yogi, our instructors are trained to bring you the best yoga practice at your level.
We will always be there to provide a safe, caring environment giving you the confidence and support to experience your yoga in a whole new way.

7 Joy Street, Mashpee,
Massachusetts 02649





Half hour before and after each class - please check today's schedule